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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to || Heatless Blowout on 4B/4C Natural Hair

Watch Nyla's tutorial for a heatless blow out on thick 4B/4C hair.

Description: overnight braid out on damp hair followed by threading (worn for only a few hours).
Tools: thread, brush (or wide-tooth comb)

Absolutely NO HEAT! :o)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chery818 is Back with a Hair Breakage Update!

So, I follow a lot of naturals on YouTube, and Chery818 is one of them.  She is known for her thick, long (BSL-ish all around), 4c hair and advocating finger detangling.  Her last video (before her recent update) was sad because she had discovered some serious breakage in certain areas and was debating whether to cut all her hair.  That was almost eight months ago.

Well, I'm happy to report that she is back to YouTube!  Check out her update below ... and also notice the higher video quality.  I'm loving it all!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Type 4 Series: How to Wear A Wash-n-Go with Minimal Tangles

If you have been following me for the past few months, then you are probably aware of my growing re-interest in wearing wash-n-gos.  Up until recently, I took the stance that most type 4 naturals (especially 4b/4c) take on such styles .... "Wash-n-gos on this hair type = asking for trouble."  Well, that was until I tried Cynthiarf's method.

Since then, I've been wearing the wash-n-go on and off and have learned a few lessons along the way.  Here they are for those who are interested in trying this style in the near future:

1. If you have fine strands, then you might want to stay away from the wash-n-go.
Majority of my hair is medium, the crown is coarse, and the back is fine.  When it comes to the wash-n-go, the back (the fine hair) tangles and breaks more easily so I have to be more patient and meticulous in that section.  If my whole head were fine, I would more than likely not be wearing wash-n-gos as much as I am now.

2. Co-wash (rather than shampoo wash) for your wash-n-go.
This lesson is almost a given but stands stating.  Cynthiarf's regimen calls for shampoo-ing once a week when wearing the wash-n-go daily, and I have found success with that routine as well.  The remainder of the week calls for conditioner washes or water rinses followed up with conditioner.  Why conditioner?  Because it smooths the strands, restores moisture, and makes finger-combing easier.

3. Finger-comb thoroughly and daily.
The finger-combing process is crucial because it keep the strands detangled, removes shed hair that could contribute to tangling, and removes any tangles (which are few) that have formed.  The process is not long at all; it takes me no more than 10 minutes.  (Check out Cynthiarf's tutorial.)

4. Do not manipulate your wash-n-go.
This step is also crucial as it reduces the possibility of tangle formation.  Once your wash-n-go is complete, do not disturb the strands via twirling with your fingers, rubbing with a towel, combing, or any other manipulation.

5. Use the right conditioner.
Not every conditioner is made for a wash-n-go.  I find the most success with Tresemme, but you may find success with another brand/type.  Do check out Cynthiarf's video for more details on what to look for in a wash-n-go conditioner.

6. If you have time, rake through with gel.
Raking through your wash-n-go with gel will help your coils to clump a little and tangle less.  This step is not necessary, and I have worn many of my wash-n-gos without doing it.  However, if you have an extra 10-20 minutes and want a little more security, go for it.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hair Diary || Final Thoughts on Wash-n-Go Experience

So a few weeks ago, I decided to experiment with Cynthiarf's method and wear my first wash-n-go in years!  Well, after having done it for about two weeks, I can finally share my thoughts on the experience:

How did it go?  I loved it and plan to incorporate it more regularly into my regimen this year.  The key to minimizing knots and tangles while wearing the wash-n-go is to finger comb and remove the shed hair daily and thoroughly.  I was able to go one to two days between wash-n-gos probably because I used a lot of gel for definition and hold.  Otherwise, I think I would've been asking for trouble by stretching the look.  

Did I notice increased knots and tangling?  To my surprise, not really except for "back there".  My back hair did tangle a little because, unlike the rest of my hair, it is very fine.  (Hence, if you have long, fine Type 4 strands, I personally would recommend that you be cautious when trying this method.)  Also, it is very important to use a conditioner to wash as opposed to a shampoo, which will contribute to tangling and matting of the loose hair.  However, since I believe in shampoos for cleansing, I did use one weekly followed by conditioner.  Lastly, over time my hair became easier to finger comb and softer.  I believe Cynthiarf alludes to why (as well as why this method works for our hair in general) in this comment to her youtube video.

For those who are interested in trying her method, here is the link to her video tutorial.  Also, feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section below!  Now for a few more wash-n-go photos. :o)

Wet.  No gel.  Day one.
Wet. Gel. Week two.
Dry.  Gel.  Week one.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hair Diary || First Wash-n-Go in Years!

Due to personal health reasons, I took down my jumbo twists and figured I would try Cynthiarf's daily wash-n-go regimen for kinky hair.  I will admit that I was extremely frightened (for knots and tangles) considering my length and shrinkage.  Exhibit A:

LEFT: Straight almost WSL hair (shot from July 2012). RIGHT: Shrunken, un-combed, damp hair (January 2013).  Shrinkage never ceases to amaze me.  Hair eventually shrinks to EL once dry.
To my surprise, the regimen has been working well, but it's only been a few days so far.  I have very little knotting and tangling due to her finger combing method (to remove shed hair).  It also helps that my hair was previously (and thoroughly) detangled prior to the jumbo twists (hence hardly any tangles when starting her routine).  Anyway, below are a few more photos.  I have to keep up this regimen for two more weeks before I can go back to my regular routine.  I'll certainly keep you all posted!

Slight coil definition after raking through with generous amounts of Eco Styler gel.  Otherwise, my hair doesn't really coil on it own.

Put into a puff.  Shrinkage.  :o)
My edges are shot from having not re-done them while in braid extensions.  They'll fill in again.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Healthy Hair on Youtube: AliciaJames

Alicia James is one of many healthy-haired naturals that I follow on youtube.  (You might have seen a couple of protective style videos posted on here.)  She is type 4 and has been natural for about 3.5 years.  Her hair is almost waistlength, and it is no surprise given how well she cares for it.  Without further ado, below is her video documenting her natural journey from the beginning to the present.  For more on her actual regimen, hair styles, and (even) relationship advice, check out her channel.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Type 4 Series: Curly Girl Method & Summer Hair

What is the Curly Girl Method?  It is method developed by Lorraine Massey and Deborah Chiel to help care for curly hair.  The method entails frequent co-washing, finger combing, wash-n-gos, no shampoo, no silicones, and more.  While many curly ladies have caught onto the routine, it is rare to find a kinky-haired gal who has, largely because of the regular wash-n-gos and co-washes involved.  But on youtube, there are a couple of kinky gals who are experimenting with the method and one who actually has very similar routine.  These women are featured in the videos below, and can perhaps be inspiration to those with type 4 hair who desire to wash more frequently and wear their hair loose this summer.

For a more detailed description of the method, check out their book titled "Curly Girl: The Handbook".  For a short description of the no-shampoo routine involved in the Curly Girl Method, check out this article.

1. Though she didn't exactly use the Curly Girl Method, Cynthiarf was the Type 4 Queen of wash-n-gos, frequent co-washes, and finger combing, which are components of the regimen: video tutorial.

2.  Dawnyele is a tightly-coiled Type 4 who is currently experimenting with the Curly Girl Method.  She will document her journey through June, so subscribe to her videos if you'd like to keep up with her experiment.

3.  Though not entirely Type 4, Whoissugar has mix of textures varying from tight coils to loose curls and is worth posting for those with looser Type 4 hair.  She is also experimenting with the Curly Girl Method; you can watch her document her journey on youtube.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Healthy Hair on Youtube: Lala

Lala is another type 4 natural with healthy, waistlength hair (when stretched).  In the video below, hear her discuss her simple bi-weekly regimen:

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Healthy Hair on Youtube: JoStylin

JoStylin is a type 4 natural with healthy waistlength hair (when stretched).  Listen to her hair care routine, which is an easy mix of braids and braidouts.  Keeping it simple is the name of the game!