Friday, September 28, 2012

Loc Maintenance || Tips for Loose Hair and Frizzy Locs

Youtubers Franchesca and DynamicRunner use the following technique to tame loose hair and frizzy locs:


Curls Confessions || Truth About Curls

If you have not heard about it yet, do check out Paul Mitchell's "Truth About Curls".  You can share "truths about life" with your curls, coils, or kinks at

What is your "truth"?

Monday, September 24, 2012

"Soul" Food Mondays || You Are Not Inferior

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

It is in your power to determine whether you will be the ground that another person walks on, whether you will be the doormat, whether you will be the gum under another person's shoe.  No one can keep you underneath others but you yourself.

So, here is the moment of truth: Will you grant another human being the power to make you feel inferior?  or will you tear up the consent form?  It is up to you and only you.

Healthy Recipes || Simple Two-Ingredient Ice Cream

Two-Ingredient Ice Cream with a blueberry on top.
I first came across this recipe while on one of my favorite blogs: The Natural Selection.  I just had to try the ice cream since all that was required was a frozen banana, a little almond butter, and a few minutes of puree-ing in the blender.  And guess what?  It is so delicious!  It kind of tastes like a banana split - amazing!

This is my new "non-guilty" pleasure, and I say non-guilty because there is no sugar added.  There are also no ingredients-you-cannot-pronounce.  It's just a banana and almond butter (preferably natural).  How's that for healthy!?!

So, without further ado, here is the recipe (snatched from The Natural Selection) in a nutshell.  Feel free to modify it to your liking:

1 banana
1 tbsp of almond butter
Note: I used natural peanut butter in place of almond butter, which worked just fine

1. Peel and chop the banana into quarters and freeze for at least 1 hour.
2. Blend on pulse with the almond butter.
3. Keep going until its whipped to a smooth consistency.
4. Pour into a bowl and enjoy or refreeze for later.

Optional: add berries, cocoa powder, honey, or anything else "delish and nutrish" (Cassidy's words)

Before puree-ing.

Do you have any healthy dessert recipes you'd like to share?

Friday, September 21, 2012

2012 || Loo's Fall Regimen and Box Braid Love!

Not much is going to change in my actual regimen other than the ingredients for my Shea Butter Mixture.

SUMMER 2012: For the summer, it consisted of glycerin, aloe vera gel, honey, shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil.  The glycerin and honey are both humectants and allowed for me to take advantage of the humid weather.  My twists would stay moist and supple for a week to week and a half.

FALL 2012: Since these next several months are going to be colder and drier, I am switching to a mixture of grapeseed oil, aloe vera gel, shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil.  This combination will be thicker and act more like a sealant.  The plan is to apply this to freshly washed, damp hair or hair that has been spritzed with water.  This "sealant" will trap the water (moisture) into my hair.

Other than this change, I am toying with the idea of putting in box braid extensions for two months.  I want to retain as much length as possible for the remainder of 2012, and braid extensions have always been #1 (above my usual twists) for that.  However, I have not done them in few years because my hair has gotten so long.  I really want to try them, though, because the style is just so beautiful!!  We shall see.

So what are you changing in your regimen this Fall?

For my complete regimen, check the Regimen label above.  In the mean time, check out this tumblr site called "I Love Box Braids".  It's pretty sweet for some box braid porn.  Here's a snippet:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3in6 Length Retention Challenges are Back!

Originally posted on September 18.  

If you are familiar with my previous 3in6 challenges, then you already know what it's about.  For 2013, I will also add motivational or informational articles in our monthly checkin to keep us all ... well motivated and focused.

If you are NEW to 3in6, I encourage you to click the "3in6 Challenge" label below to get a feel for it.  

Here is the plan.  In January 2013, I will run two 3in6 Challenges.  But wait?  It's not 2013 yet.  Well, guess what?  I will run a 1in3 Challenge from October through December to get you ready for 2013!  This short version of 3in6 is ideal for those who are hesitant about protective styling or challenges, in general, BUT would love to get their feet wet and give it a try.  Or maybe you are just looking to gain that one extra inch to push you to your goal length.  

So, are you in?  If so, mark your spot in the comment section.

Purpose of this challenge: To retain 1-1.5 inches of growth in 3 months.  (This is based on a growth rate of 1/3 to 1/2 of an inch per month.)

Challenge period: October 1 - January 1 2013

1. Eat (non-canned) vegetables or fruits with each meal.
2. Take a daily multivitamin.
3. Drink sufficient water.
(Amt of water in oz. = Your weight in lbs * 0.5)
4. Wear twists or braids 2-4 weeks at a time.
5. No direct heat.
6. Absolutely no trimming.  (Start with a fresh cut now if need be.)
7. Optional for this go around: Workout 2-3 days a week; at least 20 minutes per workout.

*Keep in mind that some of your water intake can come from the food in your meals.

Each challenger is allowed two 1-week periods of styling her hair as she pleases (e.g., puff, rollerset, etc.).

Tips on wearing twists/braids long term:
- Do not twist/braid too tightly
- Redo the perimeter weekly or biweekly.
- Deep condition & detangle thoroughly prior to twisting or braiding.
- For more tips, check out posts in the twist series

If you do not have a hair care regimen and would like one, check out:
Basic regimen for NATURAL hair
Basic regimen for RELAXED hair

REVIEW #15: MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron

Disclaimer: While I used temperatures of 360 to 380 F on my hair, I am in no way suggesting that others will not suffer heat damage in that range.  My hair is thick, dense, AND very kinky (except for some fine strands in the back), all of which allow it to undergo this level of heat exposure with no noticeable heat damage.  Learn what temperature range works for YOUR hair.  Here are a couple of blogs that discuss safe ranges of heat usage:


In the midst of straightening.
Purpose: To straighten very curly hair.  Also perfect for Brazilian Keratin Treatments.

Number of trials: 1 (straightened hair was then worn for two full weeks)

How I used it:
Hair was prepoo-ed, washed, conditioned, sealed, and then air-dried in 10 big twists.   Heat protectant was then applied as hair was flat ironed section by section.  The sections were as big as 1 inch by 2-3 inches, some smaller, but none bigger than that.  Only 1-2 passes were used.  The straightener was set to a temperature of 380 degrees Fahrenheit.  (I later tried 360 degrees, which achieved the same level of straightening.)


I was given this product to review and, to give you my honest opinion, this product is really good for the price.  If you have been following me for a while, then you know that I am a big fan of the GHD iron (the gold professional), which I purchased for $200+ a while ago.  Well, the MK-I Halo is the first straightener that I have used that comes close to the GHD.  What's more? It is priced for almost 45% less!  The MK-I Halo straightens just as well (1-2 passes, minimal effort) but leaves the hair with more volume.  This may be a good thing for those who want straight, voluminous hair.  I am by no means talking about the "frizzy, dry, stiff" kind of volume either;  I am talking about straight, sleek hair that is voluminous.  When I use the GHD, I notice that I lose a lot of the natural bulk in my hair, and I have a more flat look, which I actually like, but others may not.  Voluminous or flat, when it comes to the actual straightening, the two tools are fairly comparable.

Other than the actual straightening, what I like about this tool is that it has an adjustable digital temperature setting, which ranges from 140 to 450 F.  This is ideal for those who want to monitor the temperature they are applying to their strands.  In the future, I would like to use a setting of 300 F just to cut down on my heat exposure, and this tool will allow for that.  The GHD, on the other hand, does not have an adjustable temperature setting; according to the company website, the gold professional iron ranges from 347 to 365 F.

Now for the question of whether the style held up.  Yes, the style held up really well for the full two weeks with minimal reversion.  In my experience, the GHD does slightly better at withholding reversion than the MK-I Halo, though the latter is still pretty good.  Again, the difference between the performances of the two tools is minimal.

What are some other nice features of the MK-I Halo?  It heats up really fast (within seconds, it seems).  It automatically shuts off after the straightener has been on for 30 minutes.  This is a protective feature that comes in handy if you accidentally leave the room or house with the tool still on.  I also received a heat shield pouch, which comes in handy for storing and transporting the straightener.

PROS: straightens well and effortlessly; leaves the hair looking sleek and voluminous; reasonably priced; digital temperature setting; heats up within seconds; automatic shut off for protection; locks in moisture and does not dry the hair; heat shield storage and transportation pouch
CONS: none really; if you're like me and prefer straight hair that is flat over voluminous, then that might be considered a small con.

RATING: Overall, I give the MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron 4.5 out of 5 stars based on what it accomplishes given the price alone.  It comes close to GHD, but I like the GHD slightly better. However, when it comes to cost, you can spend almost $100 less for the comparable MK-I Halo.  Also, again, you can use less heat with this straightener!

If you are interested in purchasing this tool or other products from Onei, use the "HHB40" code (for 40% off) at

This product is ideal for those who:
- have dense, curly/coily/kinky hair
- want the super straight, sleek look for a reasonable price
- want a quality straightener with a temperature setting

Finito.  Put in two big twists for waves.  Note the gloss, shine, and straightness after flat ironing.


Back in 2010 with a name-brand $50 flat iron.  Note the textured, stiff look after straightening.  Similar technique but different flat iron.  I would again get a textured, stiff look with a $60 more heavily-popular flat iron.

After the GHD.  Note the sleek, straight tresses.  Similar results are achieved with the MK-Halo, which is almost 45-50% cheaper.

GHD on the left.  MK-I Halo on the right.  Virtually no visible difference, but prior to achieving the waves, my hair is less voluminous with the GHD.
MK-I Halo on the left.  GHD on the right.  Note the digital screen on the MK-I Halo.
What I am working with when it comes to straightening.  The closest I can get to my natural texture shot.  This is after washing a twistout that was not separated (hence the clumping).  My hair shrinks down to about 2-3 inches.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Healthy Hair Feature Update: Caroline

August 2012.  Fully natural.  About 2 years and 8 months since her last relaxer.

Caroline was previously featured in 2010 for her relaxed tresses in this post. Since then, she has transitioned and big chopped; she is officially natural now.  Read more about her decision to go natural and her current hair care journey below ...

1. What made you go natural?
I had really long hair. Every time I got a relaxer, then blow dried, and flat ironed, I looked like "slickhead", if that's a word.  I did not like the idea of texlaxing as an alternative - slightly textured hair.  I figured, why not just go all the way.  I went natural because I wanted volume and sheen. I didn't want my greasy, thin processed hair anymore.

October 2010. Texture shot after the big chop.

2. How long did you transition? How long have you been natural?
I transitioned for 10 months and big chopped in October 2010.  During my transition, I trimmed over time.

3. Describe your transition?
My transition was difficult because the two textures were competing against each other.  I had really processed, relaxed ends battling my thicker, kinky natural hair.
While transitioning, I initially did the Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT) and blowouts at home.  That was about three times.  Then I switched to primarily blowouts.  NOTE: I knew I wanted to be a "press n' curl" natural.  

October 2010. Bob cut and press after the big chop.

4. What is your Healthy Hair routine now that you are natural?
I wash and condition every 2-3 weeks, primarily at a local natural salon.  At the salon, they use Elucence ; if I am washing at home, I use Oyin Honey Wash and Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner.  For my moisturizer, I use Oyin Whipped Butter and as needed.  At the salon, the styling process is as follows: They wash, condition, and then do a gentle detangling with a wide tooth comb before rinsing.  After rinsing, they apply Moroccan oil, then blowdry with a comb attachment, and then using the tension method.   After this step, they apply heat protectant, and then flat iron with one pass only using the FHI. If I am styling at home, I use the GHD flat iron instead.  I do not do touch-ups (with the flat iron); the style will last me 2-3 weeks.  In addition to my regimen, I take One-A-Day multivitamin.  I also dust every 3 months.

March 2012. Twistout on natural hair.
5. What is your Healthy Body routine? 
I workout 2x a week for at least 30 minutes each time.  My workout routine is a combination of circuit and strength training and cardio.  For my diet, I eat a lot of lean meats, whole grains, fruits and veggies, healthy fats (omega-3's), berries (anti-oxidants) like blackberries and raspberries, and dark leafy greens like kale and spring mixed greens.

6. What advice do have for those seeking healthy tresses?  What tips do you have for "press-n-curl" naturals?
My general advice is to continue to eat healthy and lead a healthy life. Keep active. Length will come. For "press n' curl" naturals: I do switch to all-natural styles if I need a break from the heat. Pay attention to your hair. It's a delicate balance. Assess the health of your hair regularly. Keep it moisturized. I think heat can be your friend if used in the right way.

February 2012.  Pressed and natural.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Healthy Hair on Youtube: Kasheera

I stumbled upon youtuber Kasheera while searching for new naturals to which to subscribe.  Her journey exemplifies length retention at its finest.  In just three years since she started growing out her relaxer, she has retained a maximum of 14 inches of growth!  I'm eager to see where she will be next year and the years to come.

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Free Range Chicken vs. Natural Chicken: Is the Difference Worth It?

Chicken is big part of my diet.  To put it simply, about 60 percent of the meat that I eat is poultry while the remaining 40 percent is split between salmon (about 30) and other meat (the other 10 percent).  That being said, I want to buy the freshest, purest chicken possible ... which is next to impossible ... or is it?

Normally, when I go to purchase chicken at the grocery store, I look for labels that say "natural", "no antibiotics", "no added hormones", and other indicators of minimally-altered poultry.  In particular, I usually pick up the following brand and label at my local market:

Natural chicken. No antibiotics, no added hormones, 100% vegetarian diet, raised cage free.

Now, last week, the store apparently introduced a new labeling for "free range, USDA Organic" chicken.  I immediately substituted that poultry in place of the one I usually purchase because the "free range" and "USDA Organic" labeling are the ultimate indicators of the least-tampered-with chicken ... or are they?

Organic, free range chicken.  No antibiotics, no added hormones, organic vegetarian feed, no preservatives.

I will admit that I want to do more research on just what exactly I am putting into my body when I'm buying my usual "natural" chicken versus this "organic" and "free range" chicken versus just "free range" chicken.  In the mean time, I will leave you all with this snippet from Wiki (not exactly the best place to do research, but it will suffice as an intro to the topic of "free range").

"Free range is a term which outside of the United States denotes a method of farming husbandry where the animals are allowed to roam freely instead of being contained in any manner.  In the United States, USDA regulations apply only to poultry and indicate that the animal has been allowed access to the outside. The USDA regulations do not specify the quality or size of the outside range nor the duration of time an animal must have access to the outside." - Wiki

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Onei Beauty Discount Code for HHB Readers

Use the product code "HHB40" to receive 40% off of your order from  The company offers many products including the MK-I Halo Ceramic straightener (seen below).  This flat iron straightens just as well as my GHD, has a temperature dial (which the GHD doesn't), and is less expensive.  A full review will be coming soon, but don't wait to use the discount code above.  Feel free to spread the word and the code!

Hair Diary || Twistout and More Twists

This will be a monthly series in which I discuss my hair journey from now through my 5-year nappiversary in February 2013.

See what had happened was ... the twistout, which was only supposed to be worn for one weekend, ended up living for two.  Sometimes I get too busy OR lazy to face wash-and-detangle day ...

Twistout after one week.

When I finally braved the task at hand, fortunately my hair was still fairly "detangled" from being in a defined week-old twistout.  I put my hair in 8 big braids, pre-pooed, washed, conditioned, and then comb-detangled.  Then I rinsed out the conditioner, and airdried my hair until somewhere between damp and dry.  After that, I went into my usual twists.  I'll keep this set for two, if not three weeks.

New twists to be worn for 2-3 weeks.

Until next time!

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"Soul" Food Mondays || Enduring the Wilderness

What is the "wilderness"?  It is generally a period in life when one is stripped of one or more relationships and forced into isolation to reflect and/or renew before restoration or advancement.  The husband leaves you for another woman.  The friend abandons you.  You unwillingly but, out of necessity, dump your boyfriend.  Or a new career takes you thousands of miles away from your family and friends into the middle of nowhere.  At the end of it all, you find yourself alone - in the wilderness.

What one accomplishes (or does not accomplish) in this period is vital to whether one exits or stays ... or enters another wilderness a short time later.  Does the individual learn during that period?  Does the individual mature?  Did the individual shed his/her bad habits?  Did he or she gain valuable life lessons?  These are just a few of the questions that may be worked out in the wilderness.

Do you want to see fruitful land again?  Then endure the wilderness.  Allow it to shape you and teach you.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

DIY Hair Care: What Ingredients and When?

When it comes to hair care, it is vital (yes, vital) to know how certain ingredients work on our strands.  Having this knowledge reduces the "trial and error" involved in both building and adjusting a hair care regimen.

Below is a quick guide for the more popular, natural ingredients (with the exception of a couple) involved in DIY hair care.  Do keep in mind that what works for most individuals may (or may not) work for you.

When you want to take advantage of the humidity:
Glycerin, honey
Why: Humectants (moisture retention).
How to use: Add to a moisturizer or a leave-in.

When you want an oil-based sealant:
Soybean oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, avocado oil
Why: These oils can reduce moisture loss.
How to use: Use separately or add some to your moisturizer.

When you want a light sealant:
Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil
Why: Light compared to other oils (jojoba being the lighter of the two).
How to use: Use separately or add some to your moisturizer.

When you want a heavy sealant:
Olive oil, shea butter (melted)
Why: Olive oil is one of the heavier oils.  Many butters (such as shea) contain fatty acids like oils but are heavier than oils.
How to use: Use separately or add some to your moisturizer.

When your scalp is itchy:
Tea tree essential oil, aloe vera juice
Why: Some find either of these substances to be soothing to the skin.
How to use: (Tea tree) Use a few drops with water or a carrier oil.  (Aloe vera) Use straight or mix with water. NOTE: If you are pregnant or have a health condition, please consult your doctor before using essential oils.

When your scalp is dry:
Jojoba oil, aloe vera juice
Why: Jojoba oil is a light oil (non-heavy).  Aloe vera juice is light, moisturizing, and soothing to the skin.
How to use: (Jojoba) Massage a few drops into the scalp.  (Aloe vera) Use straight or mix with water.

When you want a moisturizing or softening oil:
Grapeseed oil, safflower oil, castor oil
Why: These oils tend to leave the hair feeling soft and moist.
How to use: Use separately or add some to your moisturizer.

When you want a moisturizing or softening non-oil:
Glycerin, aloe vera gel/juice, rosewater, honey, water
Why: Glycerin and honey are humectants (good for moisture retention).  Aloe vera gel/juice and rosewater are moisturizing.  Water is the best natural form of hydration.
How to use: Use separately, add to your moisturizer, or mix one (or more) ingredients to create a moisturizing spritz.  NOTE: Adding water, aloe vera juice, or rosewater to a whipped butter can create an environment for bacterial and/or fungal growth.

When you want shine or sheen:
Castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, apple cider vinegar
Why: Castor oil has been shown to impart sheen (see earlier post).  Coconut oil and avocado oil are ones that many women swear by.  Due to its pH level, apple cider vinegar may help to flatten the cuticles, thus allowing for more shine or sheen.
How to use: (Castor, coconut, avocado) Use separately or add some to your moisturizer. (Apple cider vinegar) Use as a post-wash rinse with cold water for 5 minutes.

When your shampoo is drying:
Coconut oil, olive oil
Why: Moisturizing and lubricating.
How to use: Pre-poo with any of the above oils or add to shampoo.

When your shampoo is not cleansing enough:
Baking soda
Why: Easily lifts oils and dirt.
How to use: Mix a little with your shampoo. (Be sure to follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse.)

When you want more slip in your conditioner:
Shea butter (melted), coconut oil, olive oil
Why: Lubricating.
How to use: Add some to your conditioner.

When you want a more moisturizing conditioner:
Glycerin, honey, shea butter (melted)
Why: (glycerin, honey) moisture retention; (shea butter) emollient.
How to use: Add some to your conditioner.

When you want a more strengthening conditioner:
Coconut oil, hydrolyzed protein (e.g. keratin, collagen), egg
Why: Coconut oil has been shown to penetrate the hair and reduce keratin loss (abstract).  Hydrolyzed protein penetrates the hair and provides reinforcement by replacing lost keratin.  The egg contains protein (though too big to penetrate our strands) and is an ingredient that some women swear by.  For maximum strengthening, go for conditioners containing hydrolyzed protein.
How to use: (Coconut oil) Best used as a pre-poo to minimize breakage, but may also use post-wash.  (Egg) Add to your conditioner.  (Hydrolyzed protein) Find a commercial conditioner with this ingredient.

When you want more hold and definition:
Shea butter, mango butter, beeswax, aloe vera gel, flaxseed gel
How to use: Add some to your moisturizer or use separately.  (Mango provides more hold than shea butter.)

When you want a lighter, less oil-based whipped butter (e.g., warm weather):
Aloe vera gel, jojoba oil
Why: moisturizing, but light
How to use: Mix a 1:1 shea butter and aloe vera gel mixture (or a variation of this recipe).

When you want a heavier, more oil-based whipped butter (e.g., cold weather):
Olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, castor oil
Why: moisturizing and sealing
How to use: Mix a 1:1 or 2:1 shea butter and oil(s) mixture.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Healthy Body || My Fitness Pal

By Stephanie of Infinite Life Fitness

How many calories are in this?

How many calories did I just burn?

How many calories did I consume today?

How many grams of fat/carbs/sugars did I consume today!?

These are all VERY good questions and these things can be VERY hard to track when embarking on your own health and fitness journey. I know when I speak with clients I suggest that they get a fitness/food journal. I suggest this so that they can keep track of their workouts and what they have been eating. But have you started a journal only to find that you left it at home that day….or even worse you lost it!?!? Well today I have great news for you!!

Today I would like to introduce to you

This website can be logged onto on any internet ready computer AND they also have easy to use apps for your iPhone, other smart phones, ipad, and other tablet devices! So no matter where you go you will have access to this website.

What is this website?

This website is a virtual fitness journal! It allows you to plug in the food that you have had for that day (anything that you have had! They have an ENORMOUS data base with practically every food you can find on your grocery isle! And if you cannot find it or you create your own meal you can add it to the data base and have access to it when you need to add it to your daily meal log!) This website allows you to keep track of how many calories….grams of fat….grams of carbs….and practically ANY other things that you consume that day! It also has an area for notes (so you can write a quick note, include recipes, or any other notes you want to leave to yourself) and at the end of each day just press the “complete this log entry” button and it will log it on your “news feed”. It helps you to track how many pounds you lose and it even suggests how many calories you should eat each day!! It also allows you to enter in what you did for your workout that day and the best part….if you work out that day it ADDS calories to your daily intake. So it will let you know how many extra calories you can eat that day since you worked out!

It clearly indicates when you go over your daily calorie intake. But no worries! Just eat better tomorrow! My goal is to try to stay UNDER my calorie intake each day so that I know that I am getting the best out of my meals and my workouts!

This app/website also allows you to add friends so you can track their progress and you can have your own online support system! You can send each other messages or simple words of encouragement. You can choose if people see what you are eating each day….or they can just see that you worked out or lost 2 pounds that week! The settings can be changed so you can share what you want with your friends! And if you do not want any friends then you do not have too. It is totally up to you! You have the freedom to put what you want in your logs and share it with whomever you want.

They also have a blog section where you can journal about your health and fitness journey and you can keep that secret or share that with the world as well! They have badges and tickers you can add to your blog/website/or any other social media pages that you have. This site is an all-around AMAZING guide for you to use to help aid you in your health and fitness journey.

This website is an amazing tool for beginners and advanced fitness gurus. I personally use this tool and I would be so lost without it! NO THIS IS NOT A PAID POST THAT IS SPONSORED BY THIS WEBSITE! I just find that this website has been so useful for my clients as well as my personal health and fitness success.

I hope that you guys take a second and try it out! Signing up is quick and easy and getting started is easy too. The program is very user friendly and very easy to figure out and navigate!

So now you have NO EXCUSE at all not to start keeping track of your exercise and healthy eating! Start today so you can start to reach your health and fitness goals!

My name is Stephanie from Infinite Life Fitness. Please feel free to stop by my website for more health and fitness related tips!

Healthy Hair on Youtube: AliciaJames

Alicia James is one of many healthy-haired naturals that I follow on youtube.  (You might have seen a couple of protective style videos posted on here.)  She is type 4 and has been natural for about 3.5 years.  Her hair is almost waistlength, and it is no surprise given how well she cares for it.  Without further ado, below is her video documenting her natural journey from the beginning to the present.  For more on her actual regimen, hair styles, and (even) relationship advice, check out her channel.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

"Soul" Food Mondays || Self-Esteem Revisited

{Image Source}
“Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.” - Iyanla Vanzant

"We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth."  

What do you think you are worth?  It is your choice.  And that choice determines what you bring into your life.

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