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Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Monthly Goals Journal || New Series - October 2013

- completed reading of "Half of a Yellow Sun"  (great book, by the way)
- successfully kept away from my business for one month
- regular sleep schedule - fail
- toned stomach - success
- fast food - failed three times, lol
Also, I no longer plan to make this a series since I have no monthly goals at moment (yearly goals, weekly goals, but no monthly at the moment).

So I decided to start this series so that I can 1) break up my bigger goals into smaller ones and 2) hold myself accountable to meeting them via this public documentation.  This is reminiscent of the 3in6 challenges I used to do, except it is not strictly about hair ... it is about life.  So, here is my first entry ...

  • retain close to 100% of my length for the month (continue protein + long-term twists + fingers only)
  • no fast food whatsoever (I've been slipping lately, y'all ... it's just so convenient, but my mood afterwards pays for it)
  • get to bed by 11pm (12am at the absolute latest ... this is going to be a challenge)
  • develop a regular sleeping schedule
  • tone my stomach (I think I see a small gut developing)
  • finish reading "Half of a Yellow Sun" (I've been putting that off for too long)
  • take a one-month break from my business
I'll be back in November to see how far I've come ...