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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year (in Advance) & 1in3 Ends!

Twistout from the summer.
Hi, ladies.  Tomorrow is not only the beginning of the New Year but the end of our 1in3 Challenge!  (For challenge guidelines, read this post.)

So, how was the 3-month challenge?  I've taken down my box braids and detangled but haven't washed or done anything else with my hair yet.  (I plan to straighten it this coming weekend and wear it in jumbo twists for the month of January.)  Overall, the challenge went well!  I retained all my growth with the box braid extensions.  

Will there be a 3in6 Challenge in 2013?  If you read my Hair Goals post, you probably gathered that there might not be one.  I can say for certain that there won't be one in the first half of the year.  However, I might start another one in July, depending on what I'm doing with my hair at that point.  This coming year will be a completely different journey for my hair than previous years as a natural.  I will be straightening more frequently (for ease and to enjoy my hair at its length).  I may or may not protective style as much either (more so a mix of jumbo twists and braid-outs).  My regimen is going to change drastically as well; I plan to follow something along the lines of this one I posted, with the addition of an overnight coconut oil pre-poo followed by comb detangling on dry hair prior to washing.  

So, ladies ... How did the challenge go for you?  Any progress or lessons learned?  What are you doing with your hair in 2013?

Think positive.  Plan well.  Start small.  Keep on going.  Don't stay down.  Dust yourself off.  Move forward.  Don't look back. :o)


Sunday, December 2, 2012

1in3: Two Months Down!

Hi, ladies!  Yesterday, we started our final month of the 1in3 challenge!  (For challenge guidelines, read this post.)

So, how was November?  I'm still in box braids and fine with that!  I had planned to take them down this weekend, but life won't allow me.  Perhaps in mid December.  

The braid extensions are holding up pretty well.  (See box braid regimen description here.)  When I do take them down, I plan to switch to my usual twists for the remainder of the month.  Other than the external, I'm still going hard on my smoothies and have also incorporated teas (for relaxation and antioxidants).  (Check these posts for smoothie recipes and a later post about my new tea habit.)    

How was your November?  Any challenges/lessons?  What are you doing this month?

Finish the journey strong.  Even if you've fallen, don't stay down ... Get back up, and finish it with all you've got! :o)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

1in3: One Month Down!

Hey, ladies!  Today begins our second month of the 1in3 challenge!  (For challenge guidelines, read this post.)

So, how was last month?  Well, I'm really digging these box braids.  I haven't had to fiddle with my hair in almost a month!  

Last weekend, I did my first wash since the installation, and it went really well.  (See box braid regimen description here.)  This month, I plan to do one or two more washes before taking down the set.  Thus far, I am hooked on the simplicity AND style of the braids.  I think I might install another set in January?  We'll see.

As for the "internal" health part of the challenge, if you haven't picked up on it already, I have been on smoothie kick that I carried into the challenge.  (Check these posts for smoothie recipes.)  This kick has made it easier to absorb multiple fruits and veggies in one sitting ... which in turn makes it easier to meet my goal intake for the day.  Now, I just have to get my workout regimen together, and I'm set.  So far, I've been using my trusty exercise DVD, but I think I want to join a gym.  Well ... til next time, ladies!

How was your first month of the challenge?  What are you doing this month?

Always have the destination at the forefront of your mind.  Then you will be able to complete the journey.  Let the 1-1.5 inches of length retention be your destination.  Now, just do what you need to do to get there! :o)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hair Diary || Caring For My Braid Extensions

I self-installed box braid extensions to be worn for the first two months of the 1in3 challenge.  It took 5 packs of hair and about 9 hours for the install.  Prior to braiding, I washed, conditioned, moisturized, and air dried my hair as usual.  During these two months, my box braid care routine will be: 

-Weekly: Spritz hair with a mixture of water, glycerin, grapeseed oil, and grapefruit essential oil.
-Weekly: Spritz scalp with tea tree essential mixed with water (to keep scalp fresh).
-Every two to three weeks: Prepoo with coconut oil, Wash with diluted shampoo, Condition with diluted Suave, and seal with my shea mixture.

Depending on how well I maintain the braids, I might wear it for longer (i.e., three months).  We will see.  Other than the basic routine above, I will continue to sleep with a satin bonnet to protect my hair and keep the braids from frizzing.  I also plan to plait my braids prior to washing in order to keep the frizzies to a minimum.

Here are some sites to check out for braid or braid extension care:
Box braids only:
Braid extensions:

Here are two youtube videos with amazing braid extensions styles that I plan to try:

And here are a few more photos of my self-install, the packs of hair that I used, and the final look ...
100% Kanekalon.  Color: 4.  Each pack was about $2.
Braiding my hair.
Finito.  The braids are about hip-length / tailbone-length.

Monday, October 1, 2012

1in3: Let the Challenge Begin!

Starting length: Approximately 1 inch
until waistlength (WSL).
Today, October 1, is the official start date of the 1in3 challenge!  (For challenge guidelines, read this post.)

So, what's in store for this month?  Well, our goal is to retain 1/3 to 1/2 an inch (depending on your monthly growth rate) in 31 days.  If you really think about, that leaves little to no room for trimming, breakage, slacking on your regimen, and slacking on your health.

I've been scissor happy, loose hair happy, and heat happy since the end of our first challenge.  Cuts (I wanted to diminish my naturally forming mullet) and out styles (I did more twistouts this summer than I've ever done) and heat galore (I think I've flat-ironed my hair 4+ times this summer).  Fortunately, my hair did not take a turn for the worse, BUT I did not retain as much length as I could have since almost touching waistlength last winter.  Thus, getting back to this challenge will be a real 
motivation for not just you all, but for me as well. :o)  

So what is our focus for this month?  It is the word focus.
  • F is for "Firm".  Remain firm with your plan.  Do not get lazy or sidetracked.
  • O is for "Onward".  Progress onward to meet your goal.  Do not dwell on previous setbacks.  Do not compare yourself to others.  The path to achieving your goal is in front of you, not behind you or to your right or left.
  • C is for "Care".  Retaining length requires proper care of your hair.  Look to the challenge rules for strict guidance.
  • U is for "Undaunted".  If you do face obstacles this month, remain undaunted.  Do not become discouraged along the way.  Keep on pushing ... onward.  Remain ... firm.  
  • S is for "Success".  The first step to achieving your goal is to believe that success can become a reality.  In spite of the fact that my hair never grew past my collar bone for most of my life, I believed it was possible to break that barrier ... and I did.

So stay FOCUSed this month!  This month is smoothies galore and box braid extensions for me. :o)

So, ladies.  What is your hair care plan for this month? What style(s) will you wear?

Photos of my box braid extensions coming next week!